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Posted DateDivisionTeamHeading
2023-06-06 Men OT Masters 3 Ottawa Falcons Seeking MOT Players and Keepers
2023-06-02 Men OT Masters 3 OASC Glens Westend team looking for players
2023-05-28 Men OT Masters 2 Sporting Peru Looking for a GK
2023-05-21 Women C2 Rockers Soccer Club Seeking female goalkeeper
2023-05-16 Men Rec 6 Ottawa TFC Looking for a Goalie
2023-05-11 Men OT4 Aylmer Rapides GK needed for OT4 Fridays
2023-05-10 Women Rec 2 OSU WR2 Looking for a GK
2023-05-09 Men Rec 2 Ottawa Internationals MR2 looking for two players.
2023-05-07 Women C2 Rockers United Women's Competitive Soccer
2023-04-14 Women Rec 3 Ottawa Falcons Seeking recreational players
2023-02-10 Women C2 Ottawa Falcons Hearts Seeking competitive chemistry
2023-02-01 Women Rec 2 Sunset Lakers WR2 Sunset Lakers seeking players!
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