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**If you are dropping something off and do not want to enter the building you can use the OCSL mailbox located outside the EAST entrance of the building**


Offseason Virtual Office Hours

 Tuesday    9am- 4pm
 Wednesday    Closed
 Thursday    9am-4pm
 Friday    Closed
 Saturday    Closed
 Sunday    Closed

Contact the manager to arrange an in-person meeting



 General Information
 General Manager
 Chair of LMB

Telephone & Fax

Telephone: 613-233-4451 

Ext #1: Mailing Address

  Ext #2: Office Hours

Ext #3: EODSA ID Cards

Ext #4: Stats

Ext #5: Discipline & General Inquiries

Ext #6: General Manager

Fax: 613-233-6051 


Ottawa Carleton Soccer League
House of Sport, West Wing
2451 Riverside Drive
Ottawa, ON
K1H 7X7



 If you need ID Cards they are produced by the EODSA. The OCSL does not provide or approve player ID cards.



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