Men Rec 5

1Westboro Wolves MR515104161233834
2OSU Hornets MR514101361174431
3White Eagles MR515100550331730
4Lynwood Centennials MR51575345222326
5Sporting Peru MR51574447291825
6Carleton Place Brewers MR51481547311625
7Ottawa Black Stallions MR5135262431-717
8St Anthony MR5135173130116
9Lynwood Gladiators MR5154292244-2214
10Ottawa Blues MR51440103260-2812
11Falcons Thistle United MR51531112065-4510
12OISC MR51421111469-557

There have been no games in the past 10 days

No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Felipe RIOS BURGASporting Peru MR517
2Ylli MULLAIBRAHIMIWestboro Wolves MR517
3NICHOLAS SIMPSONCarleton Place Brewers MR516
4Andrew CHRONOPOULOSOttawa Blues MR514
5Edin PLANCICWestboro Wolves MR514
6Benoit FORGETLynwood Centennials MR512
7CORY VAN DER MEERCarleton Place Brewers MR512
8Japheth BUYIRI-LENGIWhite Eagles MR512
9Alexandre BERNARDLynwood Centennials MR511
10Ryan WatersOSU Hornets MR511

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Jogger Mauricio HERCULESSporting Peru MR54
2Alessandro PetruccoOSU Hornets MR53
3Brady BURKEWhite Eagles MR53
4DRITON SELMANIWestboro Wolves MR53
5Mat MORASHOttawa Black Stallions MR53
6Patrick ChamneySt Anthony MR53
7Eric COFFINLynwood Gladiators MR52
8Jean-Michel SEGUINLynwood Centennials MR52
10Alexandre BERNARDLynwood Centennials MR51
11Daryl KnightOSU Hornets MR51
12Name WithheldOttawa Blues MR51
13Peter BASTEDOFalcons Thistle United MR51

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