Men Rec 5

1Westboro Wolves MR514102256213532
2Falcons Azzurri MR51493234231130
3St Anthony MR51483345143127
4OSU MR5 Hornyotes1482429191026
5OCSC Royals MR5147343426824
6Lynwood Centennials MR51465327171023
7Ottawa Bears MR5145453036-619
8Sporting Peru MR5144282735-814
9OISC MR51430112754-279
10Real Fitzroy MR51422102143-228
11Carleton Place Brewers MR51412111658-425

There have been no games in the past 10 days

No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Ylli MULLAIBRAHIMIWestboro Wolves MR522
2Frankie PAPALIASt Anthony MR514
3Damian RICHARDSOCSC Royals MR512
4Kyle SHUSTEROttawa Bears MR512
5Alfonso Losno Sporting Peru MR59
6Juan TORRESFalcons Azzurri MR59
7Kevin PEREIRAWestboro Wolves MR59
8Mike NEILWestboro Wolves MR59
9Brice DAGROUSt Anthony MR58

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Keith GIRARDOSU MR5 Hornyotes6
2Patrick CHAMNEYSt Anthony MR56
3Colin CALVERTOttawa Bears MR52
4Driton SELMANIWestboro Wolves MR52
5Hugo SEGUIN-CHAYERLynwood Centennials MR52
6James BUTCHERFalcons Azzurri MR52
7Michael SMITSOCSC Royals MR52
8Ethan PARKERFalcons Azzurri MR51
9Jogger HERCULESSporting Peru MR51

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