Men Rec 6

1Arnprior United MR614110339172233
2Ottawa Bears MR61482434241026
3Almonte Assassins MR6148152921825
4Lynwood Golden Boots MR6146172122-119
5Spitfires MR6143652027-715
6Capital United MR6143471725-813
7Burners MR61422101741-248

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1Andrew TOPHAMOttawa Bears MR610
2Hugh RUSSELLArnprior United MR610
3Mitchell HAHNAlmonte Assassins MR610
4Shawn TURCOTTELynwood Golden Boots MR69
5Rhys MCNAUGHTONOttawa Bears MR68
6Colin SMITHAlmonte Assassins MR66
7Stephane ROBITAILLEArnprior United MR66
8William NORCROSSCapital United MR66
9Michael OSBORNBurners MR65
10Jacques O'GALLAGHER-ROYBurners MR64

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Tiernan DebeauArnprior United MR65
2Aaron MCCLUSKEYLynwood Golden Boots MR63
3Iain MACFARLANEBurners MR62
4Marshall JESKECapital United MR62
5Ryan SMITHAlmonte Assassins MR62
6Colin CALVERTOttawa Bears MR61
7Darren GRAYOttawa Bears MR61
8John KALDISSpitfires MR61
9Paul MILLERCapital United MR61
10Tyson JohnstonArnprior United MR61

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