Men Rec 6

1Almonte Assassins MR614121144113337
2Lynwood Golden Boots MR61484221111028
3Arnprior United MR6145362826218
4Spitfires MR6145182728-116
5Ottawa TFC MR6143651621-515
6OCSC Royals MR6144371934-1515
7Burners MR61422101640-248

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1Colin SMITHAlmonte Assassins MR615
2Shawn TURCOTTELynwood Golden Boots MR68
3Mitchell HAHNAlmonte Assassins MR67
4Tyson JOHNSTONArnprior United MR67
5Jack SearsonArnprior United MR66
6Alex WILKIEAlmonte Assassins MR65
7Austin ScheunemanArnprior United MR65
8Christian LAROCHELLEOCSC Royals MR65
9Mark BLACKSpitfires MR65
10Matthew BLACKSpitfires MR65

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Ryan SmithAlmonte Assassins MR66
2Aaron MCCLUSKEYLynwood Golden Boots MR65
3Marshall JESKEOttawa TFC MR63
4Abed AL ISSAArnprior United MR61
6Eddy KREAMERBurners MR61
7Frank KOULOUFAKOSSpitfires MR61
8John KALDISSpitfires MR61
9Jordan GUTHRIEOCSC Royals MR61
10Morgan TAYLOROCSC Royals MR61
11Phillip CHATEAUOttawa TFC MR61

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