Men OT Masters1

1Hull-FC Gatineau Jaguars MOT114130168125639
2Falcons 50 MOT113102145172832
3West Ottawa Greyhounds MOT1148153631525
4Gloucester SC MOT1147253024623
5Gloucester Hornets MOT11471640271322
6St Stefan MOT11363446291721
7Lynwood Chargers MOT1145183337-416
8Perth Saints Masters MOT1145184355-1216
9St Anthony MOT1144192353-3013
10Des Collines United MOT11431102249-2710
11Ottawa Bolides MOT11411121668-524

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1Shiro RAHIMKHANIPerth Saints Masters MOT128
2FRANCO CAVALLEROHull-FC Gatineau Jaguars MOT119
3Darko SmoljanicSt Stefan MOT118
4PATRICK ROUXHull-FC Gatineau Jaguars MOT117
5Naci TUNALynwood Chargers MOT113
6Paul STAPLETONFalcons 50 MOT113
7Wade SMITHGloucester Hornets MOT112
8BERNARD CAMPEAUHull-FC Gatineau Jaguars MOT111
9Ranko JovicSt Stefan MOT110
10David GERVAISWest Ottawa Greyhounds MOT19

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1James ARSMTRONGFalcons 50 MOT13
2MING JIANGHull-FC Gatineau Jaguars MOT13
3Mark JOSSELYNGloucester Hornets MOT12
4Name WithheldGloucester SC MOT12
5Zoran JovovicSt Stefan MOT12
6Iraj NEMATOLLAHIPerth Saints Masters MOT11
7James RAMAGELynwood Chargers MOT11
8Kenneth JUDGEWest Ottawa Greyhounds MOT11
9LOUIS LACASSEHull-FC Gatineau Jaguars MOT11
10Mark ROWSELLDes Collines United MOT11
11Sean SUTHERLANDLynwood Chargers MOT11

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