Women C2

1OCSC Royals Blue WC21412115494537
2Hull-FC Gatineau WC214111242142834
3Rockers United WC2148242422226
4Gloucester Impact WC21480631201124
5Prescott Gunners WC21465327141323
6Falcons Hearts WC2147162732-522
7West Ottawa Red WC2147073329421
8Russell Raiders WC21462641231820
9OISC Foulers WC2145182434-1016
10OCSC Royals Silver WC2143291237-2511
11Kingston Clippers WC21431101938-1910
12Carleton Place Shooters WC2140014567-620

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1Elizabeth HODGSONRussell Raiders WC213
2Kennedy ARMSTRONGGloucester Impact WC212
3Megan KAVANAGHWest Ottawa Red WC212
4Sierra GRATWOHLOCSC Royals Blue WC212
5Lisa RICHARDSONRussell Raiders WC211
6Catherina LARIVIEREHull-FC Gatineau WC29
7Dana WEAVEROCSC Royals Blue WC28
8Eva SHEPPARD-PERKINSRockers United WC28
9Jessica LOWEWest Ottawa Red WC28
10Katrine LEGAULTHull-FC Gatineau WC28

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Caitlin ROBINSONHull-FC Gatineau WC25
2Janet BARBERGloucester Impact WC24
3Micah MILLBANKOCSC Royals Blue WC24
4Anna HENDERSONPrescott Gunners WC23
5Kaitlyn THOMPSONRockers United WC23
6Melissa AYOUBOCSC Royals Blue WC23
7Sammy WILHELMPrescott Gunners WC23
8Andrea GOODMANRussell Raiders WC22
9Robyn DAVYWest Ottawa Red WC22
10Victoria CINELOCSC Royals Silver WC22
11Emily WADELOISC Foulers WC21
12Mariah HARPERRockers United WC21
13Sarah WIMMIOCSC Royals Silver WC21

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