Women C2

1Gloucester Impact WC21283132112127
2Nepean Hotspurs Hearts WC21274129161325
3Carleton Place Shooters WC2125162022-216
4OCSC Royals WC2124262226-414
5OISC Heat WC21202101038-282

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1Riley ARSENEAUGloucester Impact WC29
2Julia LEESOCSC Royals WC27
3Caitlin PavoneOCSC Royals WC26
4Maureen MARTELLONepean Hotspurs Hearts WC26
5Annika MARSHALLGloucester Impact WC25
6Kristi STANLEYCarleton Place Shooters WC24
7Laura FROESECarleton Place Shooters WC24
8Niki SATCHELLNepean Hotspurs Hearts WC24
9Angela VAN VELDHUIZENNepean Hotspurs Hearts WC23
10Audrey GINGRASNepean Hotspurs Hearts WC23

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Anna BAKERGloucester Impact WC24
2Elizabeth SALTERCarleton Place Shooters WC21
3Joanie OUELLETNepean Hotspurs Hearts WC21
4Julie-Anne LAMRACHEGloucester Impact WC21
5Stephanie Monahan Carleton Place Shooters WC21

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