Women C4

1Lusitania WC416131258253340
2Kemptville Kougars WC416100645252030
3West Ottawa WC41693451292230
4Gloucester Green WC41631121459-4510
5Falcons WC41621132555-307

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1Brittany VANCE Lusitania WC416
2Cassie RENDERKemptville Kougars WC413
3Catriona LUNDWest Ottawa WC413
4Sydney SMARTFalcons WC411
5Jessica GRAHAMKemptville Kougars WC410
6Megan GULLIVERLusitania WC410
7Katie KOENJERKemptville Kougars WC49
8Lisa PAQUETTELusitania WC49
9Maaiyaa SUNDRALINGAM West Ottawa WC49
10Kelsey HEITLusitania WC48

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Brooke PERRYKemptville Kougars WC43
2Michaela MAVIGLIAWest Ottawa WC43
3Zahrah HAILusitania WC43
4Laura CREPPINGloucester Green WC42
5Katrina BEAUDOINGloucester Green WC41
6Page KINGFalcons WC41

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