Women C4

1OISC Foulers WC41212007146736
2Falcons WC4126332632-621
3Gloucester Green WC4125161721-416
4Kemptville Kougars WC4123272232-1011
5CCA WC4121011249-473

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1Lauren CAREYOISC Foulers WC416
2Phoebe MATHEWSOISC Foulers WC413
3Cassie RenderKemptville Kougars WC410
4Carly LAVOIEOISC Foulers WC49
5Charlotte NUTTOISC Foulers WC49
6Caitlin TANGFalcons WC46
7Kristen ZINTELOISC Foulers WC46
8Marianne MURAWSKYFalcons WC46
9Leah CLUNIEKemptville Kougars WC44
10Kira SLIVITZKYGloucester Green WC43

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Stephanie RYBAKOISC Foulers WC47
2Anik LEBLANCGloucester Green WC42
3Cassandra KINGFalcons WC42
4Jodi FergusonKemptville Kougars WC42
5Amanda ZHU-PAWLOWSKYFalcons WC41
6Kira SLIVITZKYGloucester Green WC41

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