Women Rec 1

1OCSC Royals WR114111249183134
2OISC Code Red WR114103153173633
3West Ottawa WR11473444232124
4OISC Redblacks WR11470747371021
5Perth Hydras WR11443739291015
6Russell Raiders WR1144282358-3514
7Sunset Lakers WR1140014780-730

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No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Brianna MCNEILOISC Redblacks WR116
2Taylor STIMPSONOCSC Royals WR116
3Andrea WESTBROOK West Ottawa WR113
4Elianne HALLOISC Code Red WR111
6Krista HEYDPerth Hydras WR19
7Kristie BOTHWELLPerth Hydras WR19
8Lauren CROOKRussell Raiders WR19
9Tracy HAYWARDOISC Redblacks WR19
10Vanessa GARCIAOISC Code Red WR19

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Chantelle HOMAN West Ottawa WR14
2Stephanie RYBAKOISC Code Red WR14
3Lindsay WALSHOCSC Royals WR13
4Emika MORRISOCSC Royals WR12
5Brittany BELLPerth Hydras WR11
6Kyra PORTEOUSPerth Hydras WR11
7Marie-Louise GERVAISOISC Redblacks WR11

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