Women Rec 3

1OISC Inferno WR31512213492538
2North Leeds WR315113167214636
3OSU Vortex WR315101444251931
4Carleton Place Tornado WR3159243127429
5Nepean Hotspurs WR31564552371522
6Cumberland Cobras WR3157173635122
7West Ottawa Benders WR3157084141021
8OISC Untamed WR3145363535018
9North Dundas WR3154294463-1914
10West Ottawa Bulldogs WR3144193152-2113
11Croatian Jadran WR31513111550-356
12Ottawa Fusion WR31512121954-355

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No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Sarah-Lyn YOUNGNorth Leeds WR320
2Taylor DONALDSONNorth Leeds WR317
3Janessa BYERSNorth Dundas WR315
4Kerissa MOLLOYCarleton Place Tornado WR315
5Raynee LECAVALIERWest Ottawa Bulldogs WR315
6Manuela FONSECAOSU Vortex WR313
7Taylor SHELPNorth Dundas WR312
8Jamie BISSONNepean Hotspurs WR311
9Sydney MCDOWELLOISC Untamed WR311
10Sara GILBOEWest Ottawa Benders WR310

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Braeanna QUINNOISC Inferno WR39
2Kaitlyn HOLLIDAYNorth Leeds WR34
3Emily Callery Carleton Place Tornado WR32
4Ainsley HAMILTONWest Ottawa Benders WR31
5Alyssa LOVEDAYWest Ottawa Bulldogs WR31
6Anika MOHANOSU Vortex WR31
7Brit ONEILOttawa Fusion WR31
8Martine LEWISNepean Hotspurs WR31
10Michelle LAMONDECarleton Place Tornado WR31
11Sarah EDWARDSNorth Dundas WR31
12Sydney DIGUERWest Ottawa Benders WR31

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