Men C1 B

1Gloucester Celtic MC112102032131932
2West Ottawa Shaw MC11273236112524
3Capital United MC11280434181624
4OCSC Royals Silver MC1126333022821
5Rockers United X-UVIA MC1125073133-215
6AC Fiorentina MC11210112646-203
7CCA Dynamos MC1121011753-463

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1Owen MCKEEWest Ottawa Shaw MC111
2Craig BRANNANWest Ottawa Shaw MC19
3Samuel OGUNREMIRockers United X-UVIA MC19
4Alejandro ARRIETACapital United MC16
5Alexandre WALKERGloucester Celtic MC16
6Andrew LATTYGloucester Celtic MC16
7Anthony LAMIA AC Fiorentina MC16
8Blair HOYLEOCSC Royals Silver MC16
9Cameron SHAWWest Ottawa Shaw MC16
10Matteo CANTAVEAC Fiorentina MC16

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Mike FILIPOVICGloucester Celtic MC15
2Raphael ROWLEYWest Ottawa Shaw MC15
3Thomas HATCHCapital United MC12
4Colin MCKENNIREYOCSC Royals Silver MC11
5David MONKCapital United MC11
6Matthew CARNEYRockers United X-UVIA MC11
7Paolo Faria AC Fiorentina MC11

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