Women C1 A

1West Ottawa Whiting WC1109103252728
2Rockland WC1104511510517
3OISC Lightning WC1103431316-313
4Nepean Hotspurs Inferno WC1103341217-512
5Rockers United WC1103251013-311
6Gatineau WC110019728-211

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1Faith TOMASZEWSKIWest Ottawa Whiting WC17
2Melanie OBERHOLZER West Ottawa Whiting WC17
3Kelty Hogan OISC Lightning WC15
4Amanda SMITHWest Ottawa Whiting WC14
5Amanda PILTZMAKERWest Ottawa Whiting WC14
6Joanie SEGUINGatineau WC14
7Genevieve Horwood Rockers United WC13
8Olivia PERRYMANWest Ottawa Whiting WC13
9Sarah OUELLETTENepean Hotspurs Inferno WC13
10Selin SAATCIOGLURockland WC13

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Caitlin MCNAMARAWest Ottawa Whiting WC17
2Melanie Major Rockers United WC13
3Olivia BUTHOISC Lightning WC13
4Kelsie ENGLISHRockland WC12
5Alexia CHAUMONTRockland WC11
6Kassandra METHOTGatineau WC11
7Kimberly HINDSNepean Hotspurs Inferno WC11
8Sarah Ouellette Nepean Hotspurs Inferno WC11

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