Women C1 B

1Gloucester Impact WC1108203192226
2Cumberland Cobras WC11071234171722
3West Ottawa Hartill WC1104332822615
4Kingston Clippers WC1103071526-119
5St Anthony WC1102171226-147
6Gloucester Attack WC1102171131-207

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No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Alexandra JOTHAMWest Ottawa Hartill WC113
2Camille DAGENAISGloucester Impact WC16
3Florence Belzile Cumberland Cobras WC16
4Melany PAULGloucester Impact WC16
5Veronique COLLINGloucester Impact WC16
6Cassandra ANDRECumberland Cobras WC14
7Joelle CHACKALCumberland Cobras WC14
8Kaylee CARLISLEKingston Clippers WC14
9Sarah EDENCumberland Cobras WC14
10Danielle HOODWest Ottawa Hartill WC13

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Julie-Anne Lamarche Gloucester Impact WC14
2Martine LAJEUNESSECumberland Cobras WC13
3Micah MILLBANKSt Anthony WC11
4Nicole LECLAIREGloucester Attack WC11

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