Women C3 A

1Rockers United WC3108113382525
2Cumberland Cobras WC3107121913622
3Falcons WC31051420101016
4OSU Force White 99 WC3105051317-415
5Nepean Hotspurs Red Hot WC3102171326-137
6Kemptville Kougars WC310028832-242

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1Melissa SKAFFRockers United WC316
2Melissa ABOUEIDRockers United WC38
3Sabrina PREMCumberland Cobras WC37
4Brianna BOUTZIOUVISFalcons WC36
5Evalina MONDOROSU Force White 99 WC35
6Sarah OUELLETTENepean Hotspurs Red Hot WC35
7Kaitlyn PROULXRockers United WC34
8Ashley LAVERYNepean Hotspurs Red Hot WC33
9Cara DAVIDSONNepean Hotspurs Red Hot WC33
10Karlene LLOYDFalcons WC33

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Melanie MAJORRockers United WC36
2Cassandra King Falcons WC32
3Jessica CORREIAOSU Force White 99 WC32
4Kirsten Skinner Falcons WC32
5Sarah CLARKECumberland Cobras WC32
6Caralina SERRANONepean Hotspurs Red Hot WC31

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