Women C3 B

1Prescott Gunners WC310100049123730
2Russell Raiders WC31071234142022
3West Ottawa Power WC3103251726-911
4CCA WC3103161925-610
5Lusitania WC3102261935-168
6OSU Force White 01 WC3102081238-266

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1Jessika DIAKUNPrescott Gunners WC317
2Karaline HALLETTPrescott Gunners WC312
3Christine PARISRussell Raiders WC37
5Nicki GOETZPrescott Gunners WC36
6Brittany MACDONALDRussell Raiders WC35
7Emma LINDBLADRussell Raiders WC35
8Jenna MACDONALDRussell Raiders WC35
9Ashley NEARINGWest Ottawa Power WC34
10Jessica RITCHIEOSU Force White 01 WC34

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Andrea GOODMANRussell Raiders WC33
2Cayla ANDERSONPrescott Gunners WC33
3Kiersten GOODMANRussell Raiders WC33
4Heather THOMPSONWest Ottawa Power WC32
5Heather BROWNCCA WC32
6Samantha Wilhelm Prescott Gunners WC31

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