Men OT4 B

1OCSC Royals Silver OT41081134122225
2Fitzroy Harbour Dambusters OT4106131913619
3Ottawa Bolides Congo OT41053226141218
4Sporting Peru OT4105323024618
5Lynwood Red Star OT4105141513216
6Sporting Peru Seals OT4104331771015
7OCSC Royals Blue OT4104331612415
8Aylmer Maghreb United OT4103251726-911
9LACA Insurrectos OT4102262036-168
10Aylmer Les Voyageurs OT4102081134-236
11Kemptville Kougars OT4101181226-144

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1Javier ALVARADOLACA Insurrectos OT49
2Jorge ALVARADOSporting Peru OT49
3Walid BARAKATOCSC Royals Silver OT48
4Blaise MPAKAOttawa Bolides Congo OT47
5Rob CORDEIROKemptville Kougars OT47
6Cedric SINDAOttawa Bolides Congo OT46
7Kevin WILLIAMSOCSC Royals Silver OT46
8Omar MARTINEZLynwood Red Star OT46
9Ramon CANALESSporting Peru OT46
10Tom MENDICINOOCSC Royals Silver OT46

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Dave SUMNERFitzroy Harbour Dambusters OT44
2GUARINO, MARCOSporting Peru Seals OT44
3Marius IORDACHELynwood Red Star OT43
4Alexis BILAOttawa Bolides Congo OT42
5Carlos GONZALEZLynwood Red Star OT42
6Francesco DE CARIAOCSC Royals Silver OT42
7 Victor BRITOSporting Peru OT41
8Artem IVANTCHOUKOCSC Royals Silver OT41
9Juan GOMEZLACA Insurrectos OT41
10LOUIS-VINCENT D'AUTEUILAylmer Les Voyageurs OT41

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