Men Rec 3

1Gloucester Hornets MR315122148202838
2Lynwood Eleven FC MR315120348291936
3Lynwood Wolves MR315111335191634
4Lynwood Spartans MR31582550292126
5Falcons Boro MR3157172726122
6Lynwood Raiders MR3155373037-718
7North Dundas MR3155282827117
8Gloucester Celtic MR3153391527-1212
9Fitzroy Harbour Dubc MR31523103355-229
10OISC Manic MR3150312752-453

There have been no games in the past 10 days

No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Hussein ZEINEDDINELynwood Eleven FC MR318
2Hevire RAZAFINDAMBOGloucester Hornets MR311
3Kevin COSTLynwood Spartans MR311
4Jules ALIELynwood Spartans MR310
5Sergei BATRAKOVGloucester Hornets MR310
6David MATHERSNorth Dundas MR39
7Mitchell FISHERFitzroy Harbour Dubc MR39
8Bruke RUSSOMFitzroy Harbour Dubc MR38
9Alphe-Gregory ADELSONGloucester Hornets MR37
10Marc BRULOTTELynwood Eleven FC MR37

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Edson RESENDESLynwood Spartans MR34
2Francis BREAULTGloucester Hornets MR34
3Sean LANGLEYFalcons Boro MR33
4Laurent CREVIEUXGloucester Celtic MR32
5Marc EMMERSONLynwood Wolves MR32
6Morgan GIROUARDLynwood Raiders MR32
7Rich BUXTONLynwood Wolves MR32
8Scott MCLARENSLynwood Wolves MR32
9Alex HADJISOPHOCLEOUSGloucester Celtic MR31
10Allan GRAYFitzroy Harbour Dubc MR31
11Mitchell Ricker Falcons Boro MR31
12Vincent GOULETNorth Dundas MR31
13William ARANIVALynwood Eleven FC MR31

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