Men Rec 3

1Lynwood Wolves MR315121247232437
2Gloucester Hornets MR315113141152636
3Kemptville Kougars MR3159333124730
4Lynwood Manic Eleven MR31584340291128
5Falcons Glens MR3154653329418
6Falcons Boro MR3155192339-1616
7North Dundas MR3154381835-1715
8Fitzroy Harbour Dubc MR3153482329-613
9Glengarry MR31532103448-1411
10Gloucester Celtic MR31505101938-195

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No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Hussein ZEINEDDINELynwood Manic Eleven MR315
2Aidan SUTHERLANDKemptville Kougars MR312
3Bruke RUSSOMFitzroy Harbour Dubc MR310
4Tyrone AJANIGlengarry MR310
5Danny MENARDLynwood Wolves MR39
6Gorcky MUKENDIGloucester Hornets MR39
7Marc EMMERSONLynwood Wolves MR39
8Gurtej DHALIWALLynwood Manic Eleven MR37
9Matthew GHOSSEINFalcons Glens MR37
10Owen NICHOLLLynwood Wolves MR37

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Francis BREAULTGloucester Hornets MR38
2Allan GRAYFitzroy Harbour Dubc MR34
3Jaekob VAN HERPENKemptville Kougars MR32
4Scott MCLARENSLynwood Wolves MR32
5Aaron CARSCADDENFalcons Boro MR31
6Evan MILLERLynwood Manic Eleven MR31
7Matthew STONESGlengarry MR31
8Matthias ROUSSEAU Glengarry MR31
9Mitchell RICKERFalcons Glens MR31
10Nick HITSMANKemptville Kougars MR31
11Vince GOULETNorth Dundas MR31

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