2023 Reserve Team Rules

Regional & District Competitive teams are permitted to designate a reserve team.

a. The team must be a lower-level competitive or recreational team from within their own club.

  • A club may designate a youth competitive team from within their own club as their reserve team
  • A club may designate a youth competitive team as their reserve team from outside their own club if there is an approved affiliation agreement filed with the EODSA, or appropriate governing body

b. A Reserve Team Form must be completed and submitted to the OCSL office before the team's first game 

c. A team may use a maximum of SIX (6) reserve team players per game until July 31st at 11:59pm. At 12:01am on August 1st, there are no restrictions on the number of reserve players a team can use per game.

d. There are no limitations on the number of games a reserve team player can play up.

e. Play Up Permits are not required for reserve players. Player’s full names are to be added to the game sheets with an indication that they are reserve players

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