Regional Rules 2018

You can download a copy of the Rules and Regulations here 

Summary of Rule Changes: 

1) Teams may call up a maximum of 6 players for a game. Players may play up to a regional team unlimited times in a season. 

Call Up Cheat Sheet 

Premier Teams 

  • Premier teams are allowed to call up a maximum of 6 players per game. 
    • Premier teams can call up players from any lower team within their own club unlimited times in the season. 
    • There is no restriction on the number of times a player can play up to a Premier team within their own club 
    • After Aug 1stthere is no restriction on the number of players Premier teams can call up per game. 
  • Teams wishing to use a player from another club need to obtain a Temporary Eligibility Permit from their District Office. 
    • A player is limited to 3 TEP’s per season.
  • If a team would like to give a non-registered player a trial, the team can apply for a Trial Registration Permit with their District Office 
    • This player must not be registered anywhere 
    • This permit is good for 3 games in 30 days 
    • A player is limited to 2 TRP’s in a season, and they must be with different clubs. 

Trial Permit Information - A Trial Registration Permit allows an unregistered player to play 3 games on a specified team within a club on a Trial basis or all the games in a tournament.

Temporary Eligibility Permit Information - A TEP allows a registered player to play a game with a team from a different club than the club they are registered with. The team must be playing at a higher Age/ Division level than the registered player.

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