Quebec OT teams

Quebec Old-Timers Decision


On 26 April 2011 the OCSL received the decision regarding our appeal to allow the Quebec Old-Timers teams to play in the OCSL. The OSA Appeals panel has upheld our appeal, and stated that there is enough evidence to support that the Quebec OT teams be allowed to register and play in the OCSL, and not evidence to deny their registration. Further, the Appeals panel noted that the League has followed the Mission Statements for Leagues as outlined in the OSA Rules and Regulations. As well as accepting these teams is supported by the CSA and the Wellness to World Cup.


We would like to thank the membership of the OCSL for supporting us at both the 2009 and 2010 AGMs, your support helped significantly. Now let’s all play the game we love!


Dave Norton

OCSL Chair

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