Missing players on gamesheets

If you are missing players on your game sheets it will be for one of the following reasons:

We did not know you added a player

Your player is not on the official OSA Roster (aka TRR)

Your player is not eligible to play as they are suspended. It's in the process of being fixed but it should be shown a the bottom of the game sheet stating they are suspending but it's not working at the moment.

player not checked when selecting players to print the game sheet

or any combination of the above.

You solve this problem but making sure they are registered by your club and letting the OCSL office know a new player was added.
If, it should happen you are 100% certain the player is registered to your team and the office is closed you may write their name on the game sheet. However, if they are not registered then they are considered to be an unregistered player and there are suspensions and discipline associated with that (so please be certain)

Thank you

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