OSA Heat Management Statement

OSA Heat Management Statement

!!! HEAT ALERT !!!

During this oppressive "Heat Wave", OSA President, Ron Smale, has directed Game Officials to confer with Coaches and Team Officials before the start of the game in regards to providing water-breaks.

As a recommendation, Coaches and Game Officials should ensure that water is strategically placed around the pitch, without posing a hazard, so that everyone can refresh themselves.

In addition, everyone needs to be reminded to drink plenty of fluids and stay hydrated.

During games, Game Officials are encouraged to incorporate a water-break during injury stoppages, penalty kicks, goal kicks, and other appropriate stoppages, etc., to address this concern of ensuring the health and safety of our athletes.

The OSA President's expectation is that all appropriate measures will be taken by our Game Officials and Coaches to ensure the safety of all participants in OSA-sanctioned events.

This directive will be reviewed on a daily basis. Please check the website for updates.

For more information, see OSA Medical Committee article at:http://www.ontariosoccer.ca/OSABlog/?p=5273

HEAT ALERT — Avoiding and Preventing Heat Related Injuries When Playing Soccer

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