Next Steps and Deadlines

Your teams have been entered into the website. Please check them to make sure I haven't missed anything. With entering 375 teams I am bound to have a few typos or missed a team. 

There are a couple of clubs that have multiple teams in the same division. I have added a distinguishing word or letter to the names of those teams. Feel free to log in and modify it the way it should be. OISC and OSU I am looking at you specifically. 

 If you feel the need to change your teams name. Please maintain the divisional identifier in the name. I mean if you are Team Wildcats WC4, don't remove the WC4 part of your name. 

The team withdraw button is now active on your club page. If you need to withdraw a team please do so through this process. The deadline to withdraw a team is May 1. After May 1 you will be fined. 

If you want to try to move your team to a different division, please send me an email justifying why that should happen.The deadline to move divisions is May 1. If you request to change after May 1 you will be fined. 

Now that teams are in you can start assigning home fields. If I am providing your home field, do not enter anything! I will be confirming with clubs next week how many and what kind of field they want. 
The deadline to enter fields is May 1. If you are providing your own fields and you do not have them into the website by May 1 you will be fined on a per team per day basis. 
To enter Teams log in with your club account, then click clubs, then Home Fields on the left. 

Schedules will be created the first week of May. I am hoping that fields will be open right away on May 15 and we can get started playing right away. I will post the official start date later in April, but please be ready to play right away. 

If you are playing in Ontario Cup, or know of dates that your teams cannot play for a valid reason, please let me know before May 1. I can adjust your schedule if I know in advance. 

Competitive teams: the number of games in your season will be based on the number of teams in your division. So, divisions that have 10 teams will be playing a 18 game season. This is so that everyone has a fair schedule and we know we are promoting the correct teams next year.
Please also remember that Premier, C1, C2 and C3 will all be assigned ARs for their games.
If your team is eligible for a Reserve team, please complete and submit the form ASAP. 

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