Rescheduling Games

This following is a summary of the process for rescheduling games in the OCSL. Please follow it closely and doing so will speed up the process and make it easier for staff to keep track of the requests. 

To reschedule a game send an email to Taylor at 

1. The subject line of the email must contain the Game number 

2. the game information that is being moved must be clearly stated in the email. Date, Time, Location, Game number, and involved teams. 

3. The reason for the reschedule must be valid. Some examples include but are not limited to: playing in tournaments, going to the Canada v Brazil game, playing in Ontario Cup, significant portion of player leaving for school etc 

4. The team requesting the reschedule must give 3 dates the game could be moved to. 

5. please clearly identify which team you are with! There are 336 teams. At this point in the season we have not memorized the team officials for every team. You need to tell us who you are. 

Games in the first half of the season must remain in the first half. You cannot push a June game off to the end of August.

A team only gets 2 rescheduling requests from this point on. Please carefully consider which games you want to move because of this. Once you hit your two no other games will be considered. 


Games will not be rescheduled to the following weekends (they are blacked out) 

May 28th and 29th 

June 4th and 5th 

July 9th and 10th 

July 16th and 17th 

Aug 6th and 7th 

Aug 20th and 21st 


The following dates will have limited reschedules and the office reserves the right to veto: 

June 19th 

June 26th 

July 23rd 

July 24th 

Aug 28th 

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