City of Ottawa Fields SGM Notice

Thank you to all who attended the City of Ottawa Fields SGM. 

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There is a mandatory meeting for all clubs that get their fields from the OCSL or from the City of Ottawa. 

Meeting Details

Monday October 3rd 2016

7 pm

Nepean Sportsplex, Hall D

Topic: Field allocations in the City of Ottawa – More information attached

This is a mandatory meeting, with an exception given to the following clubs for being outside the City of Ottawa:

Almonte, Arnprior United, Aylmer, Carleton Place, Glengarry Soccer League, Hull, Kemptville & District, Kingston Clippers, Kingston United, North Dundas, Ottawa Valley, Perth, Prescott Gunners, Russell, Smith Falls, Soccer Chelsea, Rockland

We encourage all clubs to still attend as the fall meeting will directly follow the SGM

Please Note:

Article V, Meetings, Section 4 states:

“For General Meetings and the Assembly attendance at, and throughout the entire meeting is mandatory.  Any Club that does not have the required representation (see V, 6.b) in attendance during the full meeting without reasonable cause (as determined by the League Management Board) will be assessed a fine of one hundred dollars ($100).”

Article V, Meetings, Section 6.b) states:

“A Club's vote shall be cast by an authorized Club delegate.  No one delegate shall represent more than one Club at a General Meeting.  Delegates other than persons listed with the OCSL as team or Club officials must present a letter of accreditation from their Club.”

Fall Meeting to Follow the SGM

SGM Topic: Field Allocations within the City of Ottawa

The City of Ottawa has updated their allocations policy (policy attached to the email notice to clubs). This will affect all clubs within the City of Ottawa and the allocation of fields to the OCSL. There are three options that the OCSL and its member clubs from Ottawa can select to move forward with. These options are:

  1. The OCSL not apply for any fields and not provide fields for clubs. Clubs will thus have to apply for fields on their own, as well as be responsible for the maintenance of the fields.
  2. The OCSL applies, maintains, and assigns fields for all adult teams for all City of Ottawa clubs.
  3. Status quo – the OCSL applies for the field space that it normally applies for

These options will be detailed in the SGM as well as the pros and cons of each option and the new allocations policy.

The Allocations department will be sending out field applications late September and require a response by October 10th. The OCSL needs to be directed by this date as to what and how many fields to include in the application for summer 2017. A representative of the allocations department will also be in attendance to help with the explanation. 


Additional Documents and Information - Handed out again February 15th 2017 

City of Ottawa Stakeholders meeting presentation - June 2015 

Summary of breakout session feedback - City of Ottawa Stakeholders Meeting, June 2015 

City of Ottawa Allocations Policy 

Summary of Field Info and Timelines

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