Player Identification

Player Identification

All players must present valid identification at all games. Pictures, photocopies, etc. of cards are not accepted. Expired identification is not valid. Players who do not present valid identification are ineligible to play. 


  • Ineligible players who play will receive a 2-game suspension and a $100.00 fine on their first offence
  • Team officials who play ineligible players are subject to a 3-12 month suspension
  • Teams playing ineligible players will default the game the player participates in

Pre-game Card Check

Prior to each game, Match Officials will check the following:

  1. That each player has a card
  2. That the picture on the card matches the player showing you the card 
  3. That the name on the card matches the name on the game sheet and on the team's Ontario Soccer roster (obvious short forms, such as Alexander to Alex, are acceptable)
  4. That the card has not expired

If there is an error with any of these, the player is ineligible to play, and the Match Official should inform the team officials and indicate the issue on the game sheet. It is then up to the team officials to decide how to proceed. Match Officials cannot stop ineligible players from playing; however, they should warn players and team officials of the consequences of playing.

Forms of Identification

  • North Leeds, Kingston Clippers, and Kingston United must present an Ontario Soccer Registration Book.
  • Quebec teams must present white Quebec player cards.
  • EODSA teams must present red EODSA Identification Cards.

How to Get a New EODSA Identification Card

  • Create a card online at are no longer accepted.
  • Cards can be picked up at the EODSA office (usually the next business day). You will receive an email when your card is ready. Do not select the mail option if you need your card immediately.
  • If you cannot crop your photo, submit it anyway. The EODSA office has the ability to properly crop photos.

Expired identification is not valid. Check the expiration date of your player identification now to avoid problems this season.

Some frequently asked questions on ID cards and their answers can be found at

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