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Registration Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I register on both a Recreational and Competitive team?

A: Yes. A player can have both a recreational and competitive registration. A player cannot have more then 1 competitive registration. A player can register to multiple recreational teams, but they must be in different divisions.


Q: Can I register for 2 teams in different clubs?

A: Yes, you can be registered to teams in different clubs.


Q: How old do you have to be to play in OT

A: For the 2018 season players must be born in 1982 or earlier to play in OT. Masters players must be born in 1967 or earlier.


Q: How can a player from another team play for my team?

A: If they are registered to the same club, then you can use them as a call up. If they are registered to a different club, then you need to use a TRP. You can get those from the EODSA or SOSA. A TRP can only be used for a player 3 times.


Q: How many times can a player be used as a call up?

A: A Premier team can call up any player from within their own club as many times as they want in a season. Players can only play up to all other teams, 6 times in a season. A maximum of 4 call ups can be used at any one time (excluding Premier teams, which have a max of 6).


Q: What are the rules around reserve teams?

A: Only C1 and C2 teams can designate a reserve team. These players can play up to the higher team as many times in a season as needed. Only 6 reserve players can be used at a time. A reserve team must be a competitive team from the same club.

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