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Dear Members,


Please find below ID Card information for the 2018 Season.


1. Please remind your members that ID Cards can only be issued once they have been registered in AIMS by the Club for the Outdoor 2018 season or if they have an Indoor 2017-2018 registration. 


2. If the player is not registered, the card request will not be processed and they will be directed to the Club to confirm when they will be registered in AIMS.


3. Players must go through the EODSA website to create their ID Card Online. Players can choose to have the card mailed to them or pick the card up at the EODSA Office. All cards must be created ahead of time online through the EODSA website.


4. The EODSA ID Cards have a new background with the updated Ontario Soccer Logo (see sample below). We are phasing in the new cards so all the existing cards are still valid until they expire. Players can continue to use their existing cards until they expire.


5. There is still an option for Clubs to submit card requests in batches. You will be required to provide us with a file of photos and have the files saved by the Ontario Soccer number of each player. All the players will need to be registered in AIMS for this season. Please contact us if you wish to use this option.



Frequently Asked Questions regarding ID Cards. (Please send to your members)

1.       Why was my card request not approved, I registered with my Club yesterday?

·       You may have registered with your Club but your registration information still needs to be entered by the Club in Ontario Soccer’s registration database. Please follow up with your Club for a timeline on entry of registrations in the database.


2.       When I upload my photo, it zooms in really close on the photo and I can’t crop it.

·         You can submit the photo zoomed in as we receive the full photo and will crop it appropriately.


3.       When can I pick up my ID Card?

·         Once you have received an e-mail confirming your ID Card has been printed, the ID Card is available for pick up during EODSA open hours. Check our junk or spam folder if you haven’t received an e-mail as it may have gone there.


4.       I get the error message “The registration number 123456 already exists in the      database” when I try to submit my ID card application

·         Submit the application with the “Registration number” field left blank. We will pull this information from Ontario Soccer’s registration database and fill the field in ourselves.



Link to ID Card Creation

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