Game Day

Hi All, 

As the start of the season begins there are a few things you need to remember on your game day. We have attached two files that outline all the things you need to ensure to do the day you have a game.

Please note, that with the upcoming long weekend our ability to approve all of your players for the weekend will be limited to whoever is added before the end of today. As such, we are OK with you writing players on your game sheets. All that we ask is that you are 100% positive the player is eligible to play in your game. The players needs to be registered by your club, not just written on the OCSL website, 24 hours before your kick off. If they are registered the day of the game they cannot play. This rule applies to the rest of the season as well, if a player needs to be written on your game sheet for whatever reason, we are fine with it so long as you are sure they are eligible to play that game. 

Happy playing!

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