Result of Special General Meeting

Result of Special General Meeting 


SGM Minutes 

The Minutes from the October 27th SGM can be found here. 


November 10 Update: 

On Friday Nov 9th, the Chair of the OCSL board received this letter from the President of the EODSA denying our Terms of League Operation for both District Competitive and District Recreational. 


October 30th Update: 

On October 30th, a letter was sent to the President of the EODSA in regards to the Oct 27th SGM. The letter can be found here: 

Letter to EODSA post Oct SGM 


Result of the SGM (as of Oct 27th):

During the meeting the question was amended to: 

“The OCSL membership does not authorize the league management board to transfer the District Competitive Divisions to the Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association and will postpone reconsideration of the question on the floor until such time as the EODSA membership holds a meeting to consider the matter in accordance with the Constitution of the EODSA.”


The OCSL membership voted overwhelmingly in favour with the request to the EODSA that this meeting of the Adult EODSA Membership happen within 30 days.

The OCSL will reach out to Brian Mason, President of the EODSA with the results of the SGM. 

The minutes from the meeting will be posted shortly. 






Notice of Special General Meeting

Date: Saturday October 27th
Registration Start: 9:30 am
Meeting: 10 am to noon
Location: Courtside B (East Wing)
RA Centre


The question to be voted on:
“Does the Membership of the Ottawa Carleton Soccer League approve the transfer of the District Competitive Divisions from the OCSL to the Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association?”


Attached supporting documents:
1) Letter from the EODSA to OCSL dated March 19th, 2018
2) Notice of Decision from Ontario Soccer dated April 30th, 2018
3) Letter from EODSA to OCSL dated September 30th, 2018
4) Ontario Soccer Policies and Procedures Section 9: Leagues
5) East Region Soccer League communications to membership on their Town Hall and the response from EODSA:


As per the OCSL Constitution, this is a mandatory meeting for all members of the OCSL:
6.4 For General Meetings and the Assembly attendance at, and throughout, the entire meeting is mandatory. Any club that does not have the required representation (see 6.6.2 below) in attendance during the full meeting without reasonable cause (as determined by the League Management Board) will be assessed a fine

Notice in PDF format 

OCSL Response to EODSA letter, October 9th 2018 

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