Reserve Teams

The OCSL membership modified the reserve teams process this past AGM. Below is the updated process: 

Regional Teams: 

All competitive teams within a regional club are considered to be the reserve team for a Regional team (MP/WP). No forms are required to be submitted to the OCSL office.

District Competitive 

ALL district competitive teams are now permitted to to designate 1 (one) team as their reserve team. To designate a team, please submit this form to the OCSL by May 15 or your first game whichever comes first. 


You are limited to 6 reserve players per game until July 31st. After that there is no restriction on the number of players. Players can be used unlimited times in a season as a reserve player. Please CLEARLY print the players name on your game sheet with  "- reserve" indicated beside it. Reserve teams must be a competitive team from within your own club unless you have a adult-youth club affiliation with another club. 

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