Women Rec 4

1Perth ROX WR414131060194140
2Ottawa Hellenic WR414130169125739
3OISC Wild WR4148153932725
4OSU WR41480646361024
5Falcons WR4147252930-123
6Arnprior Citizens WR4147163737022
7Carleton Place Panthers WR4146353437-321
8Lynwood WR4146172521419
9OISC Code White WR4145272936-717
10Ottawa Bears WR41440103052-2212
11Carleton Place Flyers WR41431101641-2510
12Arnprior Villains WR41421112758-317
13Almonte Goaldiggers WR41421112353-307

There have been no games in the past 10 days

No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Emmanuelle EDWARDSOttawa Hellenic WR422
2Madeline WAKEFIELDOISC Wild WR417
4Brianna FOURNIERPerth ROX WR414
5Danie PITREOttawa Hellenic WR412
6Niki TSIOLASOttawa Hellenic WR412
7Brianna GAUTIERCarleton Place Panthers WR411
8Nadine DROUINPerth ROX WR411
9Alexis MAJAURYArnprior Citizens WR410
10Amie LEEFalcons WR49

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Morgan STABLESLynwood WR44
2Matti EDWARDSOttawa Hellenic WR43
3Brittany CABRALArnprior Citizens WR42
4Carolyn TAYLOROttawa Hellenic WR42
5Cassandra TREMBLAYCarleton Place Flyers WR42
6Nicole FIELDINGPerth ROX WR42
7Teagan SMITHArnprior Citizens WR42
8Alexandra CVETICHOSU WR41
9Alison WARK Almonte Goaldiggers WR41
10Amy KEHOEPerth ROX WR41
11Gabby CRETEFalcons WR41
12Jenni VELICHKAOttawa Hellenic WR41
13Kortney CHAPLINArnprior Villains WR41
14Stephanie MONAHANCarleton Place Panthers WR41

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