Women Rec 2

1West Ottawa WR214103136162033
2West Carleton Talons WR214100458352330
3West Ottawa White WR21482463283526
4OISC Inferno WR21475222121026
5Gloucester Swat WR2146173030019
6OISC Storm WR2145271735-1817
7Almonte WR2145183437-316
8OSU Vortex WR2144194261-1913
9Carleton Place WR21401131361-481

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1Kelsey SULLIVANWest Carleton Talons WR220
2Stephanie VALENTINEWest Ottawa White WR215
3Haley GILESAlmonte WR213
4Katie WILSONWest Carleton Talons WR212
5 Maya HESSELOISC Inferno WR210
6Brittany VANCEGloucester Swat WR29
7Lisette SCHULZOSU Vortex WR29
8Tracey COCHRANEWest Ottawa White WR29
9Alicia CLARKEWest Ottawa WR28
10Amy BIENKOWSKIWest Ottawa White WR28

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Braeanna QUINNOISC Inferno WR28
2Stephanie MONAHANWest Ottawa WR24
3Nicloe BAKEROISC Storm WR23
4Alexandra LAIDLEROISC Storm WR21
5Isabelle GUÉRINGloucester Swat WR21
6Jenna EADYWest Carleton Talons WR21
7Manon RICHERWest Carleton Talons WR21
8Natascha FROSCHAUERWest Ottawa White WR21
9Nicole STEWARTAlmonte WR21
10Zahrah HAIGloucester Swat WR21

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