Women Rec 2

1Falcons WR214122046163038
2Almonte WR21482448242426
3Gloucester Swat WR2146352930-121
4Lynwood Goaldiggers WR2145452839-1119
5OISC Storm WR2144551517-217
6West Carleton Talons WR2144282947-1814
7West Ottawa WR2143382031-1112
8White Eagles WR21431102738-1110

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1Haley GILESAlmonte WR229
2Jadien PETERSENLynwood Goaldiggers WR211
3Diana BOWLESFalcons WR210
4Leigh CASEYGloucester Swat WR210
5Sarah OGILVIEFalcons WR210
6Angela GARNEAUFalcons WR29
7Sydney STEWARTWest Carleton Talons WR29
8Victoria ARMSTRONGFalcons WR29
9Amanda MABOWhite Eagles WR28
10Hailey MITCHELLWest Carleton Talons WR27

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Braeanna QUINNOISC Storm WR24
2Emma GARTKEGloucester Swat WR23
3Stephanie MONAHANWest Ottawa WR23
4Alison DE LINDENFalcons WR22
5Kirsten SKINNERFalcons WR22
6Nicole STEWARTAlmonte WR22
7Allison WARKAlmonte WR21
8Christine KAYLynwood Goaldiggers WR21
9Emily MACDUFFWhite Eagles WR21
10Janice WHITELynwood Goaldiggers WR21
11Megan CLIMENHAGEWest Ottawa WR21

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