Men Premier

1Gloucester Celtic MP16133062154742
2OISC MP16103339241533
3Gloucester Hornets MP168263325826
4Kingston Clippers MP168083035-524
5Capital United MP167273730723
6St Anthony MP1673640281221
7Ottawa Eagles MP166283631520
8Ottawa Hellenic MP1632111851-3311
9AC Fiorentina MP1611141369-564

* The following teams have points deducted:
St Anthony MP - 3

There have been no games in the past 10 days

No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Joey KewinGloucester Celtic MP15
2Justin DasahGloucester Celtic MP10
3Daniel WALKERGloucester Hornets MP9
4Hayden SIMMONDS-O'GRADYCapital United MP9
5Trevor TURNERSt Anthony MP9
7Alexandre De couvreurGloucester Celtic MP7
8Olivier RIEUTORDOttawa Eagles MP7
9Timothy CAMPOSCapital United MP7
10Andrew MARTINKingston Clippers MP6

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Matthew GagnonGloucester Celtic MP5
2Kristopher HOLFORD-WALKEROttawa Eagles MP4
3Marco BRUNDIASt Anthony MP4
4Alex JONESKingston Clippers MP3
6Samuel WAINWRIGHTOttawa Hellenic MP3
7Ali Rego Gloucester Hornets MP2
8Mike Filipovic Gloucester Celtic MP2
9Thomas Hatch Capital United MP2
10Ali Rego Gloucester Celtic MP1
11Francesco Leuzzi AC Fiorentina MP1
12Kyle Potter Gloucester Celtic MP1
13Stefano LASNEAC Fiorentina MP1
14Tyler Gowdy Gloucester Hornets MP1

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