Men Premier

1Gloucester Celtic MP 14130151123939
2St Anthony MP14103151203133
3Gloucester Hornets MP 146172839-1119
4Ottawa TFC MP145452824419
5Ottawa Impact MP145362538-1318
6Ottawa Eagles MP144282745-1814
7Kingston Clippers MP142662427-312
8Falcons MP1403111039-293

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1Marco NATOLISt Anthony MP15
2Shamir LUBENGASt Anthony MP14
3Joey KewinGloucester Celtic MP 13
4Mekonen LOVEMOREOttawa Impact MP11
5Andrew BRYAN Gloucester Celtic MP 8
6Malek BelhajOttawa Impact MP8
7Timothy CAMPOSOttawa Eagles MP8
8Bezick EvraireGloucester Celtic MP 7
9Joel MCDONALDGloucester Hornets MP 7
10Robert MurphyGloucester Celtic MP 7

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Colin GIBSONSt Anthony MP4
2Matthew Gagnon Gloucester Celtic MP 4
3Dylan TessierOttawa Impact MP2
4Kyle Potter Gloucester Celtic MP 2
5Alex JONESKingston Clippers MP1
6Ali Rego Gloucester Hornets MP 1
7Cezar Mehzer Ottawa Impact MP1
8Corey Herrington Falcons MP1
9Dante Emmanuel Ottawa TFC MP1
10Kyle Davenport Falcons MP1
11Louis Gamache Ottawa TFC MP1
12Matthew KIROPOULOSOttawa Eagles MP1

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