Women C1

1Ottawa TFC WC118122461204138
2Gloucester Impact WC118121560312937
3West Ottawa WC118112551391235
4Rockland WC118103538271133
5Falcons WC11893640271330
6St Anthony WC11883752371527
7Kingston Clippers WC1188373527827
8Des Collines WC11871102231-922
9Gloucester Attack WC11830151167-569
10OISC Thunder WC11810171781-643

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No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Alexandra JOTHAMWest Ottawa WC121
2Sophie CURTISGloucester Impact WC117
3Melanie OBERHOLZERFalcons WC115
4Sydney DOWLINGKingston Clippers WC114
5Kaitlyn BALLOISC Thunder WC111
6Alexia CHAUMONTRockland WC19
7Georgia HOGANSt Anthony WC19
8Kimberly BILMERGloucester Impact WC19
9Sadie ECHENBERGSt Anthony WC19
10Samantha LAFLEURGloucester Impact WC19

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Carolina SERRANOWest Ottawa WC15
2Kelsie ENGLISHRockland WC14
3Kelsey POKOJSt Anthony WC13
5Skye ROBINSONDes Collines WC13
6Vanessa CAVANAGHFalcons WC13
7Julie-Anne LAMARCHEGloucester Impact WC12
8Martine LAJEUNESSEOttawa TFC WC12
9Morgane HALLEEKingston Clippers WC12
10Brianna DELANEYWest Ottawa WC11
11Elizabeth MACDOUGALLGloucester Impact WC11
12Hailey Jones Ottawa TFC WC11
13Janet Barber Gloucester Impact WC11
14Kate LEBLANCKingston Clippers WC11

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