Game # 2128Men OT Masters1

Friday, Jul 12, 2019
OZ Dome Practice Field @ 18:30

Carlos GRIM


Perth Saints Masters MOT1




St Stefan MOT1

Outstanding Fines:
Outstanding Fines:
Dusan Djukic


In order to provide a safe and positive facility, everyone must adhere to the following facility rules:


1. Drinking alcohol is allowed only in th e licensed restaurant and patio.

2. No Personal alcohol is permit on or in the facility or parking lots.

3. Bug Spray’s will damage our grass, so if you are applying bug spray it must be applied on the gravel or asphalt areas.

4. Smoking is only allowed outside in designated areas only.

5. Profane, abusive, or foul language is not tolerated.

6. Anyone caught fighting will be banned from the facility.

7. Climbing on any building structures or equipment (i.e. netting, benches, or goals) is not permitted.

8. Kids are not allowed on the sideline without a chaperone or parent who is not playing.

9. Babies/toddlers are not allowed on the sideline under any circumstances. Parents should be aware that balls traveling at high speed could injure spectators on the sideline.

10. First aid kits and ice packs are located at the Sports Coordinator desk and inside the Dome. Please see a Sport Coordinator for assistance.

11. Practicing with a ball on the sideline is not permitted.

12. Full washrooms facilities are available in the OZ Dome and a temporary washroom is available at the Stadium field beside the tennis court.

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